Exposing Yourself To The World

The process of exposing oneself for the world to see and judge can be a dangerous thing, yet exciting if done safely and properly.

At this point in my journey, I was receiving daily money tributes from loyal and obedient submissive men that liked the way I looked and what I wrote under the caption of my pictures.

The process was quite simple. I would post a naked picture of myself and sit back as I watched these submissive men send me message after message asking what they could do to please me. And if I really wanted to speed things up, I would message any of the men who “liked” my pictures and then, I would proceed to order them around. Telling them to send me cash tributes or they would get blocked from being able to view my account. And of course, most of these men obliged. And once they did as they were told, I rewarded them with yet another naked picture of myself.

They were like dogs – being conditioned to salivate at the sight of my naked body.

The hotter the picture, the larger the tribute and the larger the tribute, the more these submissive men wanted to interact with me. It was a vicious cycle that worked because these men were just so curious to know if I was really earning as much as I claimed.

And when they asked how much I drained from the bank accounts of other submissive men; I would often tell them an amount that they themselves could send – triggering a submissive side that steered them into sending me a higher amount than what I had stated. It was their desperate attempt to hold the title of “the submissive bottom who sent me the highest tribute.”

But it was all a game to me. And making these men compete against each other without them realizing it was just another part of my plan. I was their Game Master and they were my servants.

I was growing accustomed to this cycle of having them pay for my every want. And for a while, easily taking money from these men was all that I thought FINDOM was going to offer me. But just like I pushed these men past their limits, these men pushed me past mine.

“Hi Master,” he wrote to initiate the our conversation.

I read his message – thinking nothing of it at first. And since he was a new follower, I clicked on his profile to see the types of fetishes that he was into.

And what I found on his account instantly fascinated me.

All he had posted on his account were pictures of himself. But these weren’t any ordinary pictures. These were pictures of him completely naked with his face, body, and small penis showing. Pictures of him engaging in humiliating tasks such as licking the toilet seat with his tongue, drinking piss from the floor, and riding a small dildo while holding a large sign with his personal information clearly written on it.

I didn’t know what to make of this. How could anyone be this willing to expose themselves for the world to see? Better yet, why was I getting excited at seeing this submissive man in such a vulnerable place?

“Send me picture of you right now,” I commanded. “Make sure you’re holding a sign with today’s date.”

“Yes, Sir!” he instantly replied.

I was a bit skeptical. But I wanted to make sure that it was actually him in the pictures. So I waited. Still not convinced that there was someone out there so eager to send pictures of themselves doing some of the most humiliating things that I had ever seen while boldly revealing their face. As if to proclaim their submissive nature.

“Here’s the picture Master,” his next message read.

I opened his message and sure enough, he had sent me a picture of him naked, on his knees, holding a sign with the information that I had requested along with his phone number, email address, and the location of where he lived.

I couldn’t help, but laugh. Seeing him with a smile on his face while he showed off his small penis was too hilarious. And immediately, my mind starting thinking of all the tasks I could instruct him to do that were even more humiliating than what he had posted on his account.

But I had to stop myself. I knew there were legal issues that needed to be worked out before I could expose someone online. Besides, I was becoming too success in this scene to mess up and throw it all away now.

So, I conducted my own research into this new fetish – using him as my personal guinea pig.

And the first thing I wanted to do was ask him questions about his experience exposing himself online and what he got out of it.

“Tell me, how did this fetish start?” I asked him broadly in an attempt to get him to share his story at a comfortable pace.

“Well, it all started when I was young and still going to college Master,” he began explaining, “There were times when my roommates and I joked around and pulled each other’s pants down. One day, one of them pulled my underwear down in front of all of his friends and my little dick was exposed. They all pointed and laughed at me because, as you can tell, my dick is tiny. I ran out of the room in embarrassment, but when I went inside my room, I noticed that my little dick was so hard.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his response. The idea that he got turned on because he was being made fun of was amusing to me.

“And what happened next?” I made him continue.

“Well, soon everybody knew that I had a small penis,” he began typing, “And they would mention it any time that they could. Often, they would force me to take it out so they could laugh at it. But they didn’t know that secretly, I was looking forward to it. It made me feel so inferior, yet I would be so turned by knowing that I was in the presence of real men – men that could make me do whatever they wanted. Most of the time, I would have to hide my erection from them. I didn’t want them to find out because I thought they would stop making fun of me if they knew how much it turned me on.”

He was entertaining me. To the point that I was ignoring messages from other submissive men to delve deeper into his story.

“Continue,” I told him, “How did this lead to a life of exposing yourself online?”

I waited. And a few minutes passed.

“I never disclosed this to anyone,” he began revealing to me, “but after I was done with college, I ended up getting married to a really beautiful woman and had kids with her despite my small you-know-what…can you imagine that Sir…me with kids…I know that’s hard to believe…but can you picture that?”

“Sometimes we do things that seem like the right things to do in that moment, but then they turn out to be the wrong things later in life. We can’t change those things – only learn from them.” I interjected.

“You’re right Sir. Throughout that phase in my life, the feeling of being made fun of never went away,” he continued, “And as I got older and the wife and kids were no longer around, I started walking naked outside my backyard as an experiment. And I guess the feeling of getting caught brought a rush of excitement that made my little dick rock hard again. Pretty soon I was going outside and hoping that someone would notice me and laugh at the size of my penis just like my roommates had done many years ago.”

“Did someone ever catch you naked outside?” I asked.

“No Master,” he replied, “I tried many times, but I was unsuccessful. So that’s when I went looking online for someone local to make fun of me. And luckily, I found a guy that would later become my first master. We agreed that he would come to my house twice a week where I would greet him completely naked and do house chores while he laughed at me. He really knew how to push my buttons and we developed an amazing relationship.”

“So…what happened next?” I interrogated a bit more.

“Well he eventually got engaged and he was starting to spend less time with me,” he said, “but in order to make it up, he decided that other people should get the chance to make fun of me as well. And Sir, that’s when I was first introduced to the online exposure scene.”

“And were you automatically into this fetish?” I questioned him.

“No Sir,” he began explaining, “it was hard in the beginning. I was scared that someone I knew would recognize my face and they would try to blackmail me into doing whatever they wanted and I would lose my job. I hesitated and thought about it for months.”

“So, what eased your concerns and made you want to go ahead and expose yourself?” I asked curiously.

“Well, my Master told me that if someone recognized me, it would most likely be because they were looking at gay blogs; and therefore, they themselves were probably into some kinky fetishes,” he wrote. “And if that was the case, they could join him in making fun of me. Exposing myself would only benefit me in the long run.”

That seemed pretty reasonable, I thought to myself.

“And Master, he was correct. I found that I loved exposing myself,” he began disclosing to me, “And soon, random strangers online were commanding me to take pictures while doing humiliating tasks for their entertainment. The feeling of being made fun of by someone so far away was so intense and brought so much joy to me. I was becoming addicted entertaining such superior men that I started to forget about my master.”

I was surprised. I heard of submissive men getting jealous when their Master talked to other men, but not the other way around.

“What happened between you and him?” I asked.

“I think he got bitter Master,” he wrote, “I got a busy with work and chatting with different men that I would not always reply to his messages on time. And one day, I guess I took longer than usual because the next thing I knew, he was threatening to send pictures of me naked to some of my friends and co-workers. I didn’t know what to do. I ended up blocking him and hoped that he wouldn’t contact anyone that I knew. That was years ago and I haven’t heard from him since.”

I sat there. Thinking, a bit confused as to why he continued to expose himself after such an incident.

“And you may be wondering why I am still exposing myself,” he said before I could type anything, “but that feeling of being made fun of will never go away. For years, I thought I could push it aside, but now that I am a bit older, I have come to accept and embrace this identity. And Master, I was hoping you would be able to guide me and expose me as I continue into this scene…if you decide I am worthy enough.”

I smiled. He was much older than me and more experienced than I was in the exposure scene, yet here he was reaching out to me in order to be pushed deeper into it.

“I know it’s a longshot,” he continued, “but your pictures make me feel so inferior and the way you make fun of others for not being blessed with a cock as beautiful as yours turns me on as much as when my roommates made fun of me.”

I thought about his proposal for a while. Thinking of the ways it would benefit me.

Finally, I replied, “I accept…Now…let’s start by you sending me a cash tribute to be exposed along with your real name.”

“Yes Sir!” he replied.

Since my first exposure post, requests from submissive men all over the world wanting to be exposed was substantial. Right away, I knew that this scene was going to make me a lot of money. So before every post, these submissive men were required to send me cash. I made it a privilege to have their faces exposed on MY account and these men were more than willing to send me what belonged to me in the first place.

Each of my exposure posts were carefully crafted to not only humiliate and make fun of these men, but to expose them on a level that they felt the most comfortable.

At times, the faces of these men were blurred and other times, they were clearly visible. Some men held signs with phone numbers or email addresses that were specifically created for a post so that they could easily get rid of them if things got out of hand. They sometimes shared false locations of where they lived in order to avoid any stalkers. They did this because I made them.

See, I took the experience from the first person that shared his love of exposure with me into account. I designed an outline of rules that helped to prevent any type of blackmail in an attempt to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

What I learned from him was that there exists a world of men that are turned on by being laughed at, humiliated, and exposed – made to feel inferior. I won’t judge them. And why should I? They will continue to exists and I for one, will continue to expose them for the right price.

If you like what you see, feel free to make a donation to my Paypal. Any amount would be appreciated. Thank you.

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