The Start Of Something New

I finally came.

Almost immediately, he started wiping all of my cum off of his stomach with his fingers and then began licking them clean with his tongue – smiling throughout, feeling proud of himself for enduring such a hard pounding from my thick Latin cock.

I grinned.

There was no better way to train these submissive men to serve me than by fucking them rough and raw – without any lube. Making them beg for mercy as I did whatever I wanted with their pathetic bodies. Rewarding them with my spit if they obeyed all orders that they were given.

I grabbed the hundred-dollar bills which were left atop of the dresser and slapped his ass with them. He moaned loudly, and as I inflicted pain on his ass until it turned bright red, my dick got rock-hard.

I laughed and continued spanking him more aggressively. Each hit made him aware that he was in the presence of someone far superior.

He began weeping quietly, trying hard to take the pain and not disappoint me.

I continued spanking his ass, more firmly and more viciously. Until finally, he just couldn’t take the pain any longer and tried to pull away from my grip.

I held him down tightly.

“Mercy Sir, Mercy,” he cried out.

The safe word was spoken.

I stopped and slowly stood up. Staring at him as he turned around to kiss my feet.

I laughed once more. He knew I was in charge and he was showing his affection towards me in the only way that he knew. I brushed him aside with my foot and started putting my clothes back on.

“You will stay on all fours like a dog until I tell you otherwise,” I ordered him.

“Yes, Sir!” he said excitedly.

I got my belongings and leisurely walked to the bathroom to take a piss. I was in no hurry. Having used submissive men like him plenty of times before, I knew that he would do exactly what I said. And as I started to piss, I turned around and saw that he was on the floor on all fours, fingering his hole, and eagerly waiting for my next words.

“You can get ready as soon as I leave” I told him as I headed towards the door.  

“Yes, Sir!” he said.

I closed the door just loud enough to let him know that I had left the room and then nonchalantly took the elevator back to the lobby.

I could feel my phone vibrate in my pockets and I knew he was messaging me. I took my phone out and read his texts.

“Thank you Master!” “Master, that was the best sex I ever had.” “I can’t stop thinking about you Master.” “Your uncut cock is so amazing.” “Can we meet again soon Master?”

I laughed out loud. Ignoring his texts and putting my phone back into my pockets.

It had been less than three minutes since I left his hotel room, yet he was still texting me. And it was in that moment, that I knew him and I were bound to play once more in the near future. I was all too familiar with this cycle and he had just become addicted to my Latin cock. Soon, he would be begging to join my stable of loyal submissive men.

Ever since I turned twenty-one and started meeting men for my pleasure, I understood that my natural dominant demeanor and attitude was something to be desired. It attracted a lot of men and I as a result, I was able to get what I wanted, however I wanted it, whenever I wanted it. And by now, making these men submit and allowing them the privilege to give me what I desired was just another part of my life.

By the time I arrived home, there were around twenty messages from him. But I wasn’t going to waste my time and read them all. And since I knew that he couldn’t stop thinking about me I decided that the best course of actions was to make hime wait. The agonizing wait would make him crave me more.

I checked my other messages and saw that five different submissive men wanted me to use them, but they were too far or offered too little in substance that, instead, I decided to delete their messages. It was no big deal. I was confident in myself and knew that plenty of other men would come along for me to use.

By now, all I wanted to do was rest on my bed, but for some odd reason, I was still horny. I took my Latin cock out and started looking at some porn – preparing myself to get rid of yet another load of cum. I scrolled down, but all I saw were the usual interracial and light BDSM porn that I had seen many times before on my dashboard. Videos that were shot professionally with people with no sexual chemistry or that were forced to meet to shoot a sex scene. I was getting frustrated. It took a lot for me to cum and these videos weren’t going to be enough for me today.

I needed something different.

And just as I was about to give up and close my computer, some random stranger sent me a message.

“Hi Master,” was all that the message said.

I decided to entertain him for a bit. Thinking that maybe he would be able to make me cum. But as the conversation dragged on, the more uninterested I became. He was making me bored. And as quickly as our chat started, I was about to end it just as fast.

I told him that I was about to leave soon.

And to no surprise, he started bombarding me with messages.

“Please don’t go Master. I’ll do anything you say. I know I’m a pathetic little sub, but I’ll make it up to you. Any way you want. Please Master. Please!” he desperately begged.

I laughed, I was used to men begging for my attention, but this one seemed more eager than the rest.

All of a sudden, an email appeared from my bank regarding my ROTH IRA information. I opened the email, having forgotten that I had deposited a few hundred dollars into my account to get started. But that little email gave me an idea.

“You know what, boy?” I replied, “I want you to send me some cash.”

I few seconds went by.

I was about to close my computer, but then he replied.

“Yes, Sir!” he said. “How do I send it?”

I was a bit surprised. I hadn’t done this before, but suddenly I realized that my cock was getting hard once more. I sat there thinking. I mean, I had made men gag on my cock before, had forced my cock up their asses, even slapped their asses until it turned bright red, and chocked them for my pleasure, but I had no idea that making them send me money would be equally satisfying.

I thought for a minute. Thinking of how I would make him send me cash electronically. Remembering then that I had created an online account years ago. Not knowing or even caring if it was active or not, I decided that’s where he would send me my cash.

“Send it to my online account,” I demanded as I sent him a link.

“Yes Sir. Anything for my Cash Master,” he quickly responded.

“Cash Master,” I thought to myself, “I like the sound of that.”

My life as an official Cash Master randomly started that day. And as the weeks progressed into months and the more I demanded these submissive men to send me cash tributes, the stronger my control over them became.

The years I had spent dominating men in the real world translated well into dominating them online. Every day a new person would send me a message requesting the privilege to serve me, and of course, I allowed them. The tributes got larger and the gifts increased. And as usual, I stopped to take an introspective look at my success.

I wanted to understand why I was able to make so many men crawl and beg to be used by me. Then it dawned on me. I was providing something special. Not only was I allowing these submissive men a comfortable place to talk about their kinks and fetishes, but I was pushing them further past what they thought were their limits. I wasn’t judging them for what turned them on, and in my affirmation to embrace what others denied them for years, I was able to take hold of their minds and wallets.

I switched up my style, perfected my craft, and brought many more men to their knees.

And as my followers grew and I extended my presence to different social platforms, I came to the realization that my story is only one of hundreds if not thousands of other online Cash Masters whose stories are yet to be told.

And with that insight, there came a responsibility to share my experience and bring the FINDOM community out of the shadows. To create a space for positive dialogue and to destigmatize the various forms of consensual relationships that many of us are told to hide. Whether it be financial relationships, Dom/Sub relationships, or the different kinds of kinks and fetishes, I will post my honest take of the things I have encountered during my short time as a Cash Master.

These are my adventures in FINDOM and I will shine light onto the real and genuine connections that I have made while exploring this intricate online world.

Get ready. It’s a fun and exciting ride into my life.

If you like what you see, feel free to make a donation to my Paypal. Any amount would be appreciated. Thank you.

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